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Lorne Scots Awarded the Freedom of the City of Mississauga

Cpl Banks provides the Mississauga City Council with deposition to gain support for the motion to award the Lorne Scots the Freedom of the City.

The Freedom of the City, an ancient tradition dating back to the Roman Empire, is bestowed upon military units who have been recognized for great service to a city. In the Roman Empire, the army was not allowed in the City of Rome, soldiers who wished to enter would have to discard their kit to enter. Military units would camp outside the City. Certain units were awarded the Freedom of the City, allowed to enter the city with drums beating and bayonets fixed.

The Lorne Scots are re-establishing their ties to the Mississauga Community and have sought to become more involved in the cities community events, such as the Doors Open Mississauga. As a result, Corporal Banks was asked to represent the Regiment and gave a deposition to Mississauga City Council on July 2nd 2014. The Motion was brought forward by Councillor Jim Tovey and the vote was unanimous, the Lorne Scots were awarded the Freedom of the City.

The planning is now underway to incorporate the Freedom of the City Parade with the units 150th Anniversary Celebrations coming in 2016. The parade for the awarding of the Freedom of the City parade will see the Regiment march in silently toward City Hall, the Chief of Police will stop their advance, the CO will negotiate passage into the city. The Regiment will arrive at the doors on City Hall, the CO will tap the hilt of his sword on the front doors, the Mayor will present the Freedom of the City and the Unit will fix bayonets and the drums will play. 150th details are still being planned, expect more to follow.

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