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Lieutenant-Colonel B.M. Green, 164th Battalion CEF

In the summer of 1917, the 164th Battalion was in Witley, and the CO, Lieutenant-Colonel Percy Domville, had to give up command for medical reasons. The new CO was Byron Malcolm Green, who had enlisted as a lieutenant in Hamilton in 1915, in the 36th Battalion. He had spent some time in France with the 6th Infantry Brigade and with the 4th Battalion, to whom he had been attached for instructional purposes.

From the Green Triangle, the 164th Battalion magazine. Lorne Scots museum.

Major Green was born in Lyndhurst, where his father was a mill owner; he lived in Lindsay, where he was an accountant; and in 1912 he had married Roby, daughter of Sir Sam Hughes, the Minister of Militia. He had even spent a month and a half, from mid-August to 1 October 1916 on his father-in-law’s staff, moving on just before Hughes was forced to resign, in November 1916.

During the 164th’s final year it continued training, sending and receiving drafts to and from other units. In February 1918 it was decided that the 5th Canadian Division, of which the 164th was a part, would cease to exist. Lieutenant-Colonel Green was part of the final group (of six officers and ninety-two other ranks) to leave, to the 8th Reserve Battalion, on April 16th. He returned to Canada, where he became Commandant of Camp Petawawa.

The museum has acquired his medals.

British War Medal, Victory Medal inscribed to Lt. Col. B.M. Green Lorne Scots museum.

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