Sgt Taylor gives a lift to a team mate during a friendly competition between the Lorne Scots and the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in Bury, UK

Giving a Helping Hand

One of the greatest benefits of comaraderie in organizations such as the Regiment and Regimental Association is the ability for members to network with each other. Therefore, we now offer the ability for members of the Regimental Family to post job vacancies, resumes, services (at family prices), and discounts. To add to this page, please send your post to


Discount Programs

CFOne Card

CF Appreciation Program

Air Canada – New checked baggage policy for military personnel

AVIS Car Rentals

H&R Block


Job Vacancies & Employment Resources

Canada Company Military Employment Transition Program

Reserve Employment Opportunities – Class B Employment for the Reserves (Serving Members Only)

Career Edge – Canadian Armed Forces Reservist Paid Internship Program


Resumes and Profiles

Chris Banks