Who We Are

The Lorne Scots Regimental Association is the support network for the Lorne Scots (Peel Dufferin & Halton Regiment) charged with upholding the Regiment’s traditions and standing, as well as member well being and esprit de corps.


About UsL_Scots

The Lorne Scots (Peel Dufferin & Halton Regiment) is one of Canada’s oldest military units, tracing it’s lineage back to the colonial days in the 1700’s when settlers first took up arms to defend their homes. The Regiment’s Official formation took place in Brampton, Ontario on 14 September 1866. The Regiment has served in nearly every engagement the Canadian Army has ever taken part in, from the Boer War, both World Wars, Korea, Peacekeeping Operations around the globe, Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Operations at home and around the globe, and most recently combat operations in Afghanistan. The Lorne Scots has also been the beginning of life long friendships and careers for thousands of soldiers. The Regiment is supported by, and held together, by the Regimental Association. The Association has one main objective: to maintain contact with present and former members of the Lorne Scots Regiment and ensure their well-being.


History of the Association

The Regiment has served Canada since 1866. The Regiment has been supported by the Regimental Association since 1973 when it was formed by Colonel Arthur Kemp, Colonel Edward Conover and Colonel Edward Lagerquist. Getting the Association started was no easy feat, it was Major Jack Harrison and his wife Rosemary who did much to get things moving. The Association is governed by the Executive Committee made up of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Commanding Officer, Regimental Sergeant Major, Honourary Colonel, Honourary Lieutenant-Colonel and other appointed members as needed.

Over the years, the Association has done much to support the Regiment and it’s members both past and present. In addition to the newsletter, the Association has supported the Regimental Hockey Team the Wild Boars, hosted Spring Balls, hosted receptions after Regimental parades, and put in place a network for former members to connect to each other as well as serving members. The Association holds funds to be made available to support members of the Association or their families in the event of a loss.

Today, the Association takes on a  more active role. The Association seeks to ease the burden of planning of significant events, such as the visits of the Colonel-in-Chief, Regimental trips to the Allied Regiment in the UK, and the upcoming 150th Anniversary of the Regiment. The Association with the help of the Honourary Colonels also ease the financial burden of any events that are not supported by the Canadian Armed Forces.


The Association Executive Committee


President                                                           Sgt (retired) Andrew Harris, CD

Vice-President                                                  MCpl (retired) Bryan Cronk

Treasurer                                                           Capt (retired) Stephen Hurst, CD

Secretary                                                           Capt (retired) Stewart Sherriff, CD

Communications Coordinator                          Sgt Christopher Banks, CD

Membership Secretary                                     LCol (retired) Jerry Derochie, CD

Community Outreach Coordinator                  WO (retired) Henry F Verschuren, CD

Social Coordinator                                            Sgt Philip Reider, CD

Museum                                                             Maj (retired) Richard Ruggle, CD