Stories from our Members

The Association hosts the Inaugural Thomas M Dunn Softball Tournament

HCol (Ret) Thomas Dunn had many passions, his family, shooting, but he also had a great love of sports and the Lorne Scots Regiment.  After he passed away in July 2013, the Lorne Scots Regimental Association decided there would be no better way to honour him then create a softball tournament in his name.  The goal in creating this event would be to bring together current and former members of the regiment and their families in the spirit of competition, fun and camaraderie. On a cold, rainy, September Saturday morning […]

Sgt Reider takes a pitch from MCpl Yataco at the Association Softball Tournament

Lorne Scots at Dutch Jump Training

Jump Training in the Netherlands

From 26 Jun – 5 July the Honorary Colonel of the Lorne Scots, Honorary Colonel Gary Reamey sponsored ten officers, Sr NCOs and soldiers of the Lorne Scots to complete the Dutch Military Parachute Course at the National Parachute Training Centre in Teuge, Holland. We were also privileged to be accompanied by Mr. Robb Boyd, a close friend of Hon Col Reamey’s.  While each member of the Regiment was responsible to cover the $750.00 Cdn tuition for the course, the full costs for travel, rations and quarters were covered by […]

Ultra Niagara Marathon

On the weekend of 4-6 April 2014, EX Ultra Niagara took place in the Niagara Region. The exercise was intended to fortify IBTS skills, promote teamwork and challenge soldiers’ mental and physical endurance. As a means of promoting women in the forces, EX Ultra Niagara requested a minimum of one female participant per team, seeing as routes utilized resembled similar terrain taken by Laura Secord during her heroic actions during the War of 1812. Each unit was encouraged to provide two teams for the competition; one marching team and one […]

Major Ruggle completing his 25km leg of the Ultra Niagara Marathon

Peel Company shows their support to Sgt Taylor, who's Jammin Jamaican Lobster Bisque made it to the final round on CBC's Recipe to Riches, at an event organized by the JR's Mess to serve his recipe to the Company and RHQ

Sgt Taylor’s Recipe to Riches

When he first contemplated submitting his recipe, Sergeant Winslow Taylor didn’t think he’d have a chance at being selected. So when he received the call from the producers at CBC’s Recipe to Riches, it took him by surprise.   Sgt Taylor, a member of the Lorne Scots Regiment since 2002 has always been passionate about cooking proper meals for himself, and his family. Even while on deployment in Afghanistan in 2010, he was selected to cook for his team mates. He prided himself on using proper ingredients in proper portions […]

Exercise Trillium Response 2014

In February 2014, a platoon of soldiers from the Lorne Scots headed north to participate in EX TRILLIUM RESPONSE in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. The exercise put to the test the soldiers’ ability to live and operate in extreme winter conditions. The exercise included dismounted patrols, a dismounted ambush, live-fire ranges, as well as cross- training with the local Canadian Rangers throughout. Although the exercise officially began on 14 Feb 2014, the weekends preceding EX TRILLIUM RESPONSE were spent in Borden and Meaford conducting preparatory training for the arctic. These exercises […]

Lorne Scots on Exercise Trillium Response